Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker - Overnight

Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour

1 October 2014

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Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour

1. Silverline
2. A Simple Refrain
3. It Would Not Be A Rose
4. I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight
5. The Tangled Tree
6. I Never Learned French
7. Moving Speeches
8. Mainland
9. The Queen Of Hearts
10. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
11. Now You Know
12. Earth And Ash And Dust
13. Water To Wine

A year in the making, “Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour” builds on the blend of traditional and contemporary songwriting first explored in 2013’s “Fire and Fortune”. Drawing on sumptuous chamber folk textures and rich instrumentation, this new record has a timeless yet current sound, examining and reflecting upon the theme of time past, present and future.
Vocals, saxophone, flute, tenor and descant recorders – Josienne Clarke
Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, keyboards and programming – Ben Walker
Piano – Jim Moray
Double Bass – John Parker
Cellos – Jo Silverston and Hannah Marshall
Violas – Anna Jenkins, Charlie Stock
Violins – Anna Jenkins, Basia Bartz, Jessie Moncreiff, Maya Lucia Amin-Smith
French Horn – Jim Rattigan
Trumpet – Nick Malcolm
Oboe – Amy Turner
Percussion – Ruairi Glasheen
Drums – Ivan Mendiola
Backing vocals – Sam Brookes, Pete Truin, Jamie Doe (The Ballina Whalers), Samantha WhatesSongs by Josienne Clarke, orchestration/arrangement by Ben Walker.
Recorded in ‘Ben’s Room’ and at Crypt Studios
Produced by Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker
Engineered and mixed by Ben Walker
Mastered by Ian Shepherd